Fashion: Swimming Pool

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Prepare for a chic getaway with Cruise ’15’s bright, eclectic mix of swimwear. Here are some of the hottest looks to wear poolside.


(949) 296-0380


(714) 490-1313


(714) 975-5559


(213) 330-5465


(323) 977-9822


(646) 709-3467


(323) 230-9422



(212) 391 7062


(888) 480-4894


(781) 572-6315


(212) 924-3222


(305) 234-5656



(212) 391-0710


(786) 467-0205


(212) 274-9666


(323) 876-894

Photographer: Sophia Alvarado/; Creative Director/Stylist: N. Jay

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NYC Guide: My Favorite Spots In Brooklyn

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(Illustration by Danny Brito)

I’m asked for NYC recommendations more than anything – more than makeup tips and clothing links combined. I don’t mind it, at all; I like giving recommendations! But I figured it was about time that I start compiling a list for the blog, because I have a whole lot of favorite places and I’d love to share them with you. I started out by highlighting five of my favorite spots in my borough of Brooklyn. Consider this one of many to come. Warning: this is photo heavy!

Brooklyn Farmacy + Soda FountainCarroll Gardens Personal Favorites: Chocolate Egg Cream, ice cream and homemade soda floats (Pink Poodle or the Strawberry with Strawberry ice cream), Cherry Lime Rickey

It’s no secret that I’m one for nostalgia, so it goes without saying that this old-fashioned soda fountain tops my list of favorite Brooklyn spots. Full Article…

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Makeup Monday: What’s in my makeup bag?

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Since I started my Invisalign treatment, I’ve been playing around with my normal makeup routine, so it’s time for me to update you on what’s currently in my makeup bag. For those of you who missed my last posts (read those posts here), I’m currently receiving complimentary Invisalign treatment in exchange for sharing my experience, once a month (full disclosure here).

After years of being a statement lip girl, I decided to try out giving my eyes the full treatment – at least some of the time. I actually used to be a statement eye girl (never without a smokey or vivid eye), but after having some sensitivity issues, I switched to the lips and scarcely looked back. I later realized that my sensitivity is specific to purple shadows, so I can safely shift the focus back to my eyes. Full Article…

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Erika’s Summer Beauty Must Haves

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Summer is a wonderful time to show off glowing skin, white pants, and colorful sundresses — but the heat can also be difficult to maintain your makeup throughout the day. As the temperatures slowly rise, Ive realized over time that some of my favorite winter beauty products tend to melt, just like ice cream on a hot day. Ive also used numerous hair products to maintain frizz, but some of those ended up containing oil which made things worse.

After endless trials with different cosmetics and hair care, Ive finally created a list of some of my favorite summer beauty products — these items not only look amazing on the skin, but also help to reduce shine, prevent smudging and give a radiant glow! I hope that some my favorite beauty products help you to find that perfect waterproof mascara to last during beach days, or a cheek stain to give your face long-lasting and flawless color! Her

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Pin It! D.I.Y. Tight Tummies with @NipandFab

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Summertime is here, meaning its time to start working on that tummy, follow this fun infographic guide to slimming the mid-section this season.

Carbs: Carbs cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, could cause your energy levels to spike and plummet, disrupting your sleep in the process. Avoid cake, cookies and other desserts as well as carby snacks like crackers or white bread and munch on an apple instead.

Salt: Avoid too much salt in the diet. Salt lies hidden in canned foods, baked foods, cured meats and how can we forget, potato wafers. Salt can draw water from the body and thereby give you the sluggish, flabby look.

Sugar Substitutes: A few of the sugar substitutes such as xylitol, maltitol are found in low sugar or sugar free products.

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Nike Womens Air Max 1 “Split Sole” for June 2014

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The Nike Air Max 1 has seen drastic changes to its upper recently, whether it be summer renditions like the EM iteration and Tape varieties, but one change that turned heads was more of a color blocking decision than any physical alteration thanks to the whole Split Sole look that saw the midsole share two colors for the first time. Nike hasnt forgotten about the ladies either, as two new hues arrive atop the Air Max 1 in a cotton candy esque royal blue and vivid pink while the other pair utilizes a wolf grey and purple. What do you think of the latest Air Max 1 WMNS releases? Stick around after the click for a better view and check out more Release Dates for June 2014.

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