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Fast Weight Loss Is More Water than Fat

Fast Weight Loss Is More Water than Fat

Often when people see they are gaining a few extra pounds, they take is as an indication to join a fitness program. Others might also resolute to supplements or dietary pills such as PhenQ, one of the most popular in the market. However, some people tend to get discouraged way too soon when they see the scales static on one number regardless of the progress they might see in the mirror or experience during a tough workout.

What people normally don’t understand is a lot of factors are involved in the scale either going up or down in numbers each week. Fat, water, bone and muscles are those features that add up to body weight and if you tend to be losing in one area don’t necessarily mean you are shedding weight. This is the main point of discouragement; people do not see a change in their body composition thinking they are not losing any weight at all.

Body Weight Composition

Body weight is a combination of multiple factors than just fat. Let’s take a look at what the weight is composed of;

Body Feature Body Weight
Fat 10-30%
Muscle 30-50%
Water 10-25%
Bones 15%
Organs 10-15%


When you have a clear head of these variables and how it all implies, you will have a better understanding weight loss and implication of losing the body fat.

Often people don’t understand this concept. When they don’t see much change in their body, they feel all their efforts are simply going down the drain. They need to realize what their actual focus is. Which feature are they focusing on and in which area are they losing weight. When they have a clear understanding of this, they won’t be disheartened too quickly and will keep their goals intact.

Muscles Are More In Weight Than Fat

You might have heard of this fact but there might be a number of questions in your head. How is this possible? How can muscles weigh more than the body fat?

Well, this is actually possible. A lean person who has more muscle weight might be heavier in weight than a person who is not so lean but his muscle weight is less. Why? Body muscles are denser than the body fat. Similarly, two people with the same belly circumference but their fat weight is different will also have different body weight.

The most weight is in the muscle. About 30-55% of the weight of the body lies in the muscle.

When you are in the process of losing weight, you should know the difference between weight loss pills for women and fat loss, especially when you are building the body muscles at the same time.

Water Weight

We all know that most of your body is composed of water. Therefore, a large number of body weight is comprised on water. If you want to lose weight fast, you can do it quickly by losing body water weight rather than losing body fat weight. However, you need to realize that dehydration is never healthy and can result in you not losing weight at all.

You need to ensure, therefore, that the process of losing water weight has an overall impact, it lasts longer than you hope. You can cut down on your consumption of salt. At the same time, more intake of water will help the body to release the excessive body fluids.

Focus On Fat Burning Program

If you are seriously considering losing weight, you should focus on joining a fat burning regime. That’s the best you can do for you. Focus on increasing your body metabolism rate for the fat to burn quickly. Work out on a regular basis which will also help in the fat to burn quickly.

A diet along with workout has always been effective in many ways. It helps to lose weight. You get the body shape you’re looking for and you feel stronger, energetic and revitalized. Adding a diet pill like PhenQ will make the process quicker and much easier. Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

Along with burning the body fat to lose weight, focus on losing body water weight as well. The body consists of over 50% of water and the more you have it, the more your body will weigh. But when you are focusing on losing water weight, you are actually losing body weight too.

Only when you have a good realizing of what is inside your body and how it all works, only then can you actually feel the difference, easily lose weight and have the perfect body shape you’ve always wanted.