Wear wedges to help tone your calves and thighs and look great

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Ladies, it is getting hot and now is the time to show off pedicures, legs, and most excitingly: Wedges! Middle Georgia has a lot to offer in that department. Stores all over are getting shipments of colorful, sexy, fun wedges. The benefit of wedges it that they are comfortable because they provide great support. Wedges can be worn longer making it easier to keep legs toned and even help work the core (lower back and lower abs).

Wear wedges this season with leggings, jeggings, capri pants, skirts, shorts, and dresses to provide a sexy look to the calves and thighs. Use ankle bracelets and toe rings to accent the feet, giving the wedge a sexy edge on the competition. Be fun anf flirty as well! For the more traditional old- fashioned ladies, dress the shoe down and put them with a sundress and a cute hat.

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How To Get Easy Twenties Inspired Hair

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Now you can get twenties flapper-inspired hair without any tricky techniques or complicated finger-waves. One of our favourite trends from the Spring 2012 runways was the twenties, and we loved the art deco, flapper styles shown by many of your favourite designers.

The wavy up-dos synonymous with the roaring era were even better. To make this glam hair look yours with pins and a curling iron, just watch this easy youtube tutorial. We cant wait to try it out ourselves.

How They Wear: Bare-Midriffs

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From core cutouts to completely bare midriffs, the S/S 12 runways were rife with belly-baring looks, and naturally fashion’s cognoscenti, as well as some of Hollywood’s leading ladies, were quick to jump on board. But given the fact that we’re still a wee hesitant about this daring lookand have a hunch we’re not alonea selection of inspirational abdomen-revealing outfits, courtesy of a few of our favorite style-minded ladies, is just the thing to ease our fears. While some stylesetters are showing just a hint of skin (Harley Viera-Newton and Elisa Sednaoui) and others are bravely baring it all (Gaia Repossi and Karlie Kloss), consider today’s How They Wear story your guide to creating a sophisticated midriff-baring ensemble with ease!

For those who tend to err on the conservative sidesartorially speaking, that isyou’ll be happy to know you don’t have to expose your entire belly to create a stylish, on-trend look. Full Article…

Friday Afternoon Beauty Poll: Curly Or Straight Hair?

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After last week’s poll it seems as if many of you would wash your hair in rat poison if it meant longer locks, so we know you’re passionate about your hair. But what about the men in your life. When it comes to hair do you think they like your locks curly or straight? Let us know!

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Karl Lagerfeld gets a little nip/tuck from i-D

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You’ve got to hand it to Karl Lagerfeld. At the age of, officially, 73 – or according to baptism records and one relative, 78 – he is a fashion phenomenon who has not only outlasted and outlived many of his contemporaries, he has more energy, drive and ideas than some half his age. The creative king of Chanel and Fendi and master of a myriad collaborations and startups – which currently include Hogan, Macy’s, S.T. Dupont and his new upscale Karl Lagerfeld Paris and ‘masstige’ Karl lines – Lagerfeld is like an indefatigable fashion Terminator. While his creativity might seem unstoppable, however, unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cyborg, Lagerfeld the man is made of flesh. But beyond concealing himself behind his trademark sunglasses and neck-high starched collars, Lagerfeld has made some effort in interviews to distance himself from the subject of cosmetic surgery. Full Article…

Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Distressed’ Unreleased Sample

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Recently popping up over on eBay is an unreleased Distressed sample of the Nike SB Dunk Low.

Produced back in 2003, the colorway was ultimately scrapped in favor of the Nike SB Dunk Brown Pack.

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